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Back to Supercross | John Short

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While the coronavirus put racing to a screeching holt, John kept training and practicing to be prepared for what is next. 2 days ago, Supercross live announced racing will resume May 31st. Rounds 11-17 will be raced in Salt Lake City, Utah. We caught up with John to see how he used his downtime and what he thinks about the new schedule.

So, we are out here riding supercross officially prepping for the upcoming racing. Now that you know what the schedule is, how do you feel about it?

I'm just glad that we get to be behind the gate again and do some racing. Mitchell Oldenburg and I have been riding supercross for about a month. I never really stopped riding when they shut down racing, I did ride a lot of outdoors and corner tracks up until about a month ago when we got back on the supercross track. I feel like we haven't raced in forever, I'm just ready to be racing and do some battling.

So you haven't really stopped training during the break?

We've adjusted my training, because we weren't sure when the next race would be, if next year or anything like that. Just did some riding at home. Motocross, corner tracks, etc. Once we started getting word that it may be time to go racing about a month ago that's when we started getting back on supercross and planned just as if we were for sure going racing. It just so happens we are going racing May 31st so we are glad we did so.

Did you do anything fun you normally wouldn't have done during the break?

I made it fun. I did a lot of stuff I wouldn't normally do, rode some cool 2 strokes, and actually went on a mountain bike trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. We also went camping a few times! It was a good time. I definitely enjoyed it and took advantage of it, but at the same time made sure I was ready to go racing.

For sure. What do you think about the back to back races, and do you think that will be an advantage or disadvantage to you?

For me personally it might be an advantage. Normally I do better the more I ride, if we ride 2-3 days in a row I tend to ride my best the third day versus taking breaks in between riding. It may be good for me since we will have races very often, just to stay in the groove. I guess we will see.

Are you still going to be on the Honda?

Yes, just like we started the east coast series with the Manluk K&R Racing team, all of the same sponsors, everyone has been super supportive and kept a bike under my teammates and I so we can be competitive when we return to racing.

No time off for John Short. This dude is a riding animal! It looks like you got a new friend.

I did get a puppy over the break, quarantined (laughs). Ashley and I got Stella, she's our new puppy!

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