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Loveland, Colorado - Round 1 of AMA Arenacross - Keaton McCalip

We were eager to hit the road and head to Loveland, Colorado for round 1 of the AMA Arenacross Series. Kicker Arenacross always puts on a great event with fun, technical tracks. This is my rookie pro arenacross season and I have been working towards this for a few months now, slowly but surely putting together a program to hit the road and go racing. It came together what seemed to be very last minute, but we made it.

The first night was pretty interesting, with an incredibly stacked pro class field it was some very close racing. For 2020 there are some heavy hitters brought onboard to the series, hired onto the factory supported teams racing the series. We knew we were headed towards high elevation, but did not realize how much that would affect the bike! I found myself having to run 1st gear in the corners, and 2nd in the whoops due to the lack of power caused by high altitude. We will definitely be more prepared for that in the future! I struggled in the whoops in practice but seemed to overcome it come race time. I had to go to the LCQ, and was able to make the main from there after ripping a good start and some bar banging.

Above Photo: "Eighty3stills". Below Photo: "ArsenalMediaCo"

Once I had made the main, I felt pretty relieved to be honest. There were a lot of very experienced professional arenacross & supercross racers there that I had grown up watching on TV. To make the main felt great but from there I had to just put my head down, get the best start possible, and ride my own race. The first night I ended up with a 12th in the main, I was stoked to be there but definitely knew I had more in the tank regarding my finish and looked to improve for night 2.

Below Photo Credit: "ArsenalMediaCo"

Day 2, I was well rested, and having a much better day. Best Western has some pretty solid waffles and that made for some good vibes. They actually tilled the track pretty deep before practice, and it made for some much different conditions and some ruts. I felt it suited my style more, because the track had more ruts in it than the previous night.

Below Photo Credit: "ArsenalMediaCo"

I still had to go to the LCQ, but made it happen and was able to make the main again taking the last transfer spot after coming from 4th to 2nd the first lap. These LCQ's happen fast and it is important to be out front early. Whew, I definitely need to execute better in the heats to not have to race those LCQ's!

Below Photo Credit: "ArsenalMediaCo"

Saturday's main event was definitely a step in the right direction, placing 10th, 2 positions ahead of the night before. Now that the 1st & 2nd round are over, I look forward to improving myself and the bike, to do better in the future rounds. With Hobbs, New Mexico quickly approaching, its almost time to hit the road again! My #1 goal for this season is to just give 100% and not leave anything on the table effort wise. Since I was a little kid I wanted to race a series like this and document it, so here we are!

You can't go to Colorado and not do some sight seeing! Sunday after the races, we trotted over to Golden, Colorado to see some pretty amazing natural views.

A special thank you to Tyler & Ryan Williams for tagging along to help with the arenacross journey!

Thank you to the below sponsors for making this season possible.

Savagecobrand, Altus Motorsports, Tucker Powersports, Answer Racing, Arai Helmets, Scott Goggles, Mobius Braces, UFO Plastic USA, Guts Seat Covers, Sunstar Chain & Sprockets, ODI Grips, Wicked Audio, Rekluse Clutches, Shannon Niday, JR Fence, Tamer Holeshot Hookup, OCD Graphics.

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